Intentional Productivity

Imagine having a weekly conversation about your goals, challenges, and opportunities with someone trained to bring out the best in you! I will champion you to raise your standards, ask for what you want, and shape your life the way you want it to be and perhaps in ways that you had not imagined yet.

What this means for you

More of what you want (time, balance, fulfillment, energy, money, processes and systems…) and less of what you don’t want (stress, fatigue, confusion, problems, etc.)

About Intentional Productivity

Coaching Packages

Description of packages

Be Accountable and Grow

Have a goal in mind?  Need some clarity as you accomplish a product?  Want some inspiring accountability and motivation?  Then this is set up perfectly for you.

Eight Environments

We will get clear and specific about your goals in each of the 8 areas of your life;  Self, Relationships, Community, Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Recreation and Body Environments.

Clarifying and Accomplishing Goals

We will get very clear on your target goal and create a specific personalized and workable plan to achieve it.  Let’s make room for your life again.

Upgrade Your Energy Level Thru Clutter Control

We will look at some of the stumbling blocks of your not working system.  We will create new ones that do work while taking into account your personality and motivation styles.  You will then create an environment you love again.


Deborah White, professional Productivity and Success Life Coach

People seek me out because I am ICF Credentialed and have been coaching since 2007. I am organized, have a direct approach, impartial, and bring brainstorming abilities for new perspectives. I encourage my clients and bring out the best in them. I create systems that match their personality and motivation style making what they do faster and easier.

All my formal training, results and recommendations have help me earn the credentialed ACC Certification as a Life Coach, currently awarded to 27,000 coaches worldwide. My style is direct, creative, warm and fun.

Does Intentional Productivity sound like a good fit for you?

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Deborah L. White CVPCC, ICF-ACC

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Address: Salina, Kansas

Open Office Hours: 9am – 3:30pm CST (Mon-Fri)